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lawn service tampa flLawn Service Pro’s Tampa FL is your one-stop lawn care service provider. Helping you on handling your lawn care service Tampa FL needs. The company provides comprehensive, high-quality services regarding your lawn care needs. Do you have lawn problems? We will be on it; Our team will solve it.

Having a beautiful home would surely not be forgotten and will leave a mark on anybody. All homeowners take pride in how their “Casa” would look like and think about if other people will feel awe in their homes’ appearance. Everyone can do anything with their house to make things more comfortable, as “A man’s home is his castle.” However, It should also be understood that your home is not just confined within the four walls of your house. All the other things you own surrounding your house are also a part of your home, such as your lawn. One of the places where you would often spend your time doing your recreational activities in your home’s comfort is the lawn. Most likely, anyone would notice the yard first than any other place in your home. So making it look wonderful would be a priority.

We will do the lawn care the Lawn Service Pro’s Tampa FL way. Taking care of your lawn is easier said than done. There are many components in maintaining your property for it to become the lawn of your dreams. If you think that taking care of your lawn is just a hobby and only needs occasional tending, you are getting it wrong. Once you felt like a habitual activity, it is in reality, a typical and gradual process you need to do, from regular tendings such as watering and lawn mowing to fighting off the three enemies of the yard the weeds, pests, and diseases. There are more massive jobs, but will only be done periodically, with proper lawn care such as fertilizing, aerating, and dethatching.

We all know what watering is, and there is a popular misconception that people ought to do like watering the lawn daily. However, it is not necessary to water your lawn every day. Grasses and plants have individual needs for water; some grasses may need extra watering, and others may not. It should be known that excessive watering can be harmful instead of suitable for the plant or grass. Lawn mowing should also be done regularly, aside from being unpleasant to look at if unmaintained, excessive grass growth can be harmful to the grass itself. When grass has overgrown, it would need more water than the usual amount it needs. Cutting it or regular lawn mowing Tampa can help lessen the roots’ workload, and it would be much easier for the grass to get the water and nutrients it needs, leading to a more beautiful and healthy development.

The enemies of the lawn are the weed, pests, and diseases. All of it needs proper monitoring. However, healthy grass would fend for itself, of course, after a gradual process of taking care of the lawn. However, if the enemies still exist, different kinds of alternatives can get rid of them from your yard that lawn services Tampa FL can provide.

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Lawn care services that need extensive labor are fertilizing, aerating, and dethatching. You have probably heard about the first word, but we can bet that most people aren’t familiar with aerating and dethatching. Let us tackle fertilizing first, but we will keep it simple. Fertilizing is the process that supplements the nutrients that the soil fails to provide. Aerating is the process in which when soil is too compacted, we try to loosen the ground. Because in case the ground is too compacted, microbes from the land would not be able to get some oxygen to produce some nutrients in the soil. On the other hand dethatching is the process of getting dead grass, clippings, roots, etc. out of the lawn for the same reason as aerating. Now you know the essential components and mechanisms in lawn care.

However, maintaining your lawn is hard to do; it’s not just like what most people would do in “the sims” game. Where you choose the design you desire, then, viola, a perfect lawn just magically appears with one click. How you wish that it can be that easy. From residential to commercial landscaping, the hassle in having the perfect lawn for both types is unbearable, and you’ll need some help from lawn care experts to do the job for you.

Tampa, Florida, is a place with a rich and colorful history and culture. From inventing the Cuban sandwich and being the world’s death metal capital to the beautiful beaches and beautiful neighborhoods. There would be a lot of actions that you can do for the whole year-round. Tampa is a great place to be in. However, due to its subtropical climate, many people find it hard, sometimes even impossible, to maintain a beautiful lawn, precisely because of its wet and dry season. During the rainy season, water can be more abundant, and more moisture in the soil means grass would grow longer, up to three to six inches in a week. Cutting and maintaining your lawn during the rainy season can be challenging. Wet grass can be harder to chop due to the moisture that can make the grass heavier, and that would be the perfect time to get a lawn service Tampa.

While on the other hand, the dry period can be harmful to your lawn; more water for the grass would be needed to sustain itself. Many people say that lawn care services are best during the dry season, but we believe that lawn care services are essential in any season. Having tall grasses and an unmaintained lawn can lead to a lot of ramifications. Lawn mowing during the wet season and the dry season, which needs lawn irrigation in Tampa, is not just an option; it is a must-do. 

Why is it essential to maintain your lawn and landscaping? Well, taking care of your yard is a great addition to adorn your home, which makes it more attractive. A well-adorned place gives a more excellent and relaxing ambiance to visitors and customers alike, especially in businesses or commercial spaces. The value of your property can be raised significantly. When the time comes that you need to transfer to another city or any other reason you’d be needing to sell your property, having a wonderful lawn adds significance in discerning your property’s value. Having a beautiful lawn means getting more money in your pocket. From lawn care services to landscaping ideas, everything you ever thought of is possible with the perfect landscaping and lawn care service partner by your side.


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What are the consequences of having an unmaintained lawn? Having an unmaintained property can result in several issues. Aside from an unpleasant sight, the lawn’s maintenance is not just about the aesthetics it can add, but you can also lose some benefits such as health, safety, protection, etc. Having a maintained lawn can protect you from people with ill-intentions such as thieves and other hooligans. It may sound amusing, but it is the truth; having a maintained property such as trimmed bushes and trees can deprive people of ill-intention from having hiding spots. Also, taller grasses can attract more pests, such as bugs and rodents. Bugs are attracted to long grasses, and bugs are food for rodents, and in return, rodents can be carriers of unwanted diseases, which can be detrimental to you and your family’s health. Knowing all these stuff will now be getting you to think about the Tampa lawn service. Do you have an unmaintained lawn? You will now be needing lawn services, the way how our company does it!

Looking for the best lawn care services Tampa FL? Stop searching. You have already come to the right place. We are a landscape contractor that offers a wide range of lawn services in Tampa, Florida. We have a variety of services provided for your lawn care needs. The services offered, to mention but a few, are lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, tree services, landscape designs, lawn care Tampa, and many more. The company provides not only its expertise and high-quality services, but it also offers its professional lawn workers, who are knowledgeable in the industry. Our lawn workers have been forged by years of working in the service. The workers are experts in lawn services and the most courteous and polite people you would meet. Our quality services are not the only things that we give utmost importance; our workers also must provide the utmost courtesy and respect to our clients. 

There are already many landscaping companies in Tampa, but why choose our company for your needed lawn service? We have been around for a while now, providing lawn care services and landscaping all around Tampa or what others like to call “The Big Guava” of the “Sunshine” state. The company has already provided its lawn services to many satisfied clients and has been tested through time, providing the best landscape architects for your landscaping and other lawn care services needs. We believe that having lawn care Tampa FL is not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to provide the euphoric feeling for our clients that a beautiful lawn can give. The client’s desires and well-being are essential for the company. Maintaining beautiful lawns is not the only thing that the company is good at. The company also maintains good relationships with its clients. Like how the lawns are taken care of, relationships with the clients are cared for and maintained healthy.

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Sprinkler Repair Tampa

One of the most typical problems you will face in achieving a greener and beautiful lawn is having a broken sprinkler. The sprinkler is one of the most critical factors to achieve the yard of your dreams. In lawn care, lawns need water to help your grasses develop and grow. The sprinkler is an irrigation system that enables you to keep track of your lawn’s regular watering schedule. Once you notice that you have a broken sprinkler, immediately call us for a sprinkler repair. The sooner, the better. It will save you from turning the problem more complicated and more expensive.

Getting a broken sprinkler is quite a hassle and can result in a lot of work. Trying to find where the leaks come from is a big waste of water and money and can give you many repercussions for violating the Tampa water regulation. And remember violating the Tampa water use regulation can result in a mandatory court appearance or a fine ranging from $100 to $400. That is a headache when you need to attend to other things that you need to do. 

What you just wanted was to have a beautiful lawn that would take all your stress away after a long hard day at work. But instead, because of a broken sprinkler, it only added you more pressure. That is why your sprinkler’s problems need immediate fixing from the experts from a reliable company such as Lawn Service Pro’s Tampa FL. With us, by your side, a broken sprinkler problem will be easy to solve.

There are numerous factors why your sprinkler needs repairing, and Lawn Service Pro’s Tampa FL would be happy to serve you. Most broken sprinklers are caused by overspray, broken heads, clogged nozzles, broken pipes, a broken valve, and many more. However, do not get hassled over it because we would take care of your sprinkler repair Tampa and another lawn service Tampa FL needs.

Our team has been around for quite some time now and has served countless satisfied clients all over the Tampa area or “Big Guava.” With the company’s lawn care services, such as sprinkler repair, and all the years of experience and knowledge accumulated from doing services, your lawn problems will be gone.